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'''Atmospheric mining''' is the process of extracting substances out of the Martian [[atmosphere]] and use them as raw material for further processing. Unlike surface and sub-surface mining, the atmospheric mining does not require the movement of large amounts of [[regolith]] or rock with heavy machinery, nor is expensive transport per [[rover]] or [[railroad]] necessary. The atmosphere can simply be sucked in through a pipe at every location, and the processing is done inside of [[building]]s. Also, the maintenance of all the mining machinery is in-house, which is a major safety advantage.
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==Wanted Substances==
The Martian [[atmosphere]] contains variable amounts of [[dust]], which consists of similar [[minerals]] like [[regolith]]. Electro-static filters may be used to collect the dust.
The 0.03 % [[water]] vapor (H2O) is equivalent to about 10 % air humidity after adiabatic compression and cooling to around 1°C. A device similar to an air dehumidifier can be used to extract this water.
===Carbon Dioxide===
[[Carbon dioxide]] is the main part of the Martian atmosphere with 96 %. It can be used for the [[hydrocarbon synthesis]].
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