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Although we want to have all material due to Marspedia Policies there are some cases making the deletion of articles, images or categories necessary. These are:

  • Somebody creates an article, image or category with a misspelled name inadvertently. When she/he becomes aware of it, she/he wants to get rid of it.
  • Two articles on the same subject are merged. Usually a redirection is the right thing to do, but in certain cases one of the names might be useless.
  • A category might become useless after a change in the category tree.
  • An article, picture or category has been posted by a vandal.
  • An article or picture has been created (maybe unwittingly) in violation of copyright.

Anybody can nominate an article, image or category for deletion by just listing it in the appropriate section below. The deletion itself can only be done by a user with sysop permission. The deletion log can be viewed here.

Articles for deletion

Images for deletion

Categories for deletion

Redirects for deletion

  • Mars 105 and Mars-105 (Dead redirect pages. These redirect pages have names that actually do not exist.)

Request for cleanup