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This article collects different mission concepts for a manned mission to Mars. The purpose is to compare the concepts and point out the differences. The financial aspect is in focus.

Direct cargo mission

A direct cargo mission will be vital in the Unmanned setup of a whole settlement of a colony, in resupplying an Earth-supported colony, and delivering repair parts to a semi-autonomous colony.

Financial expenditure

Colonization mission

A type of one-way mission for colonization, utilizing a man-rated version of the direct cargo mission.

Financial expenditure

Manned resupply mission

A two-way manned mission to resupply a semi-autonomous colony or a manned outpost.

Financial expenditure

Phobos boost mission-article in development

An unmanned mission to the moon Phobos, using a VASIMR drive to slowly spiral it out into a higher orbit.

Financial expenditure

Mars Direct

A plan by Robert Zubrin, the head of the Mars society, to send people to Mars and back.

Financial expenditure

Mars for less

Basically Mars Direct, but with the parts broken up so that they can be launched on Medium Lift Launch Vehicles (MLLVs), such as the Ariane V, Delta IV and Proton.

Financial expenditure

Aldrin cycler

Mission architecture by second person to walk on the moon, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, to have a habitat, a cycler, in a continuous orbit between Mars and Earth.[1]

Financial expenditure


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