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Morale is important to the function of a settlement on Mars. Colonists with high morale will be more productive, and more inclined to remain on Mars. People require certain basic things such as safety, shelter and nourishment before they can be happy. Even if the basic needs are met, there are still things the settlers would miss, but there are many other methods to improve morale. In preparation of a future manned Mars mission the Mars-500 project aims to find out more about the psychological situation during the long journey to Mars and it's isolation effects.

Morale Boosters

  • Perceived Future Safety and Security
  • Varied Food
  • Personal Space
  • Self Determination
  • Social Interaction
  • Recreation
  • Contribution to Society and satisfaction by the results
  • Education opportunities
  • The presence of children changes the way the settlers are thinking and planning. It gives them any reason to build the settlement safer, bigger, etc.

Morale Depressors