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Dubious assertions

There have been no substantive changes in this article since 2008, but I am unsure of certain assertions made by the article. Why should it state about electric cable: "It must be recyclable." and "It must be fire-proof."?

There are benefits from having things recyclable and fire-proof, but perhaps some lack of recyclability and fire-proof quality can be tolerated if the expense of providing these qualities absolutely is too great. One way of increasing fire resistance for electrical cables would be to have the cable within a plastic tube pressurized with argon. Connecting the electrical cables could start by connecting the plastic tubes with a gas tight seal. An actuator could then operate through a gas tight barrier to bring electrical conductors into contact and complete an electrical circuit. It would be a considerable extra complication, but it might be worth while when avoiding fire in a closed environment is so important and the best electrical conductor available might be aluminum. The situation is somewhat similar to the danger of fire aboard a submarine and could benefit from some research. - Farred 01:01, 22 November 2013 (UTC)