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Category Hierarchy

All categories for Marspedia roll up into the following 6 top-level categories. Two lower tiers of categories and pages linked to them can be seen by clicking the link icon on each. Creators of new pages should only link one or more of the categories in the hierarchy shown below to their page.

I. Mars Planetary Science - physical description of the planet; all the science data that is collected
II. Mars Spacecraft/Robotic Missions - (non-human) - mission planning and execution history.
III. Mars Human Exploration - human exploration concepts and planning
IV. Mars Human Settlement - including plans & concepts, philosophical/ethical considerations, and mars analogue research
V. Mars Outreach - Advocacy for Mars Exploration/Settlement - people and organizations (Mars Society, Marspedia, etc), political action, and public outreach & education
VI. Mars Arts and Literature - Mars in literature, music, movies, plays, graphic arts, photography