Wear lifespan

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Every machine is subject to wear, which results in a limited lifetime. There is mechanical wear and wear by radiation. Also, chemical processes inside every material cause changes in the structure, lost of strength, etc.

This page collects data about the wear lifetime of many materials and machines with regard to the Martian environmental conditions and indoor conditions.


Many synthetic materials become brittle due to decomposition effects, depending on temperature.


wear lifespan




under Martian radiation conditions



with polymer plasticiser


Machines, wear parts and all the other things of industrie and agriculture undergo a process of mostly mechanical deterioration. Abrasion and material fatigue can not be avoided completely.


wear lifespan


digging machines


basalt digging, time before the cutting tool must be replaced



e.g. polyester fleece

space suit


for outdoor use

Open issues

  • How many m3 of basalt can be processed by digging machines before the cutting tool must be replaced?
  • What sort of clothes has a maximum lifespan? How many years can it be worn?
  • What is the effect of radiation? We need exact figures, how the Martian conditions influence the usability of certain materials.