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During a manned mission to Mars, human comfort will play a big role in the mission’s success. The current bulky space suit in use weighs in at 300 pounds and is impractical for use in low gravity environments.

Researchers at MIT are working on a spandex and nylon BioSuit to be used in such a situation. The torso would be pressurized to about 30 kPa while the limbs would be sheathed in thinner material allowing for increased dexterity and decreased weight from the current model.

Space suit variants

Outside/vacuum suit

This suit provides protection from vacuum, temperature and radiation. It includes telecommunications systems and life support. For use in airless portions of the base, some external radiation shielding could be removed, and the communications and life support systems fed through a hose.

Decompression suit

This suit is used in parts of the base which may decompress or when there is danger of decompression. It offers protection from vacuum and a few minuates air supply. A variant of this suit could be used as a flight suit.

Indoor wear

Normal clothing, but possibly including a radio and biometric sensors.

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