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The Marspedia Governing Council was formed in October 2017 to manage and grow the wiki. An initial set of Marspedia:Bylaws Bylaws was drafted by representatives of our three Founding Organizations.

The Members of the Marspedia Governing Council are as follows:

Susan Holden Martin

James Burk

Michael Stoltz

Also invited to the Council but not yet a member:

Bruce Mackenzie *Ex-Officio (Executive Director of the Mars Foundation)

James Gholston *Ex-Officio (Designated Representative to Marspedia by the Moon Society)

Mike Delaney

Rosalie Dieteman

Lucinda Offer

Nicole Willet

Carie Fay *Ex-Officio (Administrative Director of the Mars Society)

All of the above individuals shall be Voting Members of the Council and shall have voting privileges.  All of the above individuals have 2-year terms that expire at the Mars Society Convention in 2019.

*Ex-Officio means they are members because of their office.  In all cases above, these members have voting privileges and otherwise are the same as regular (non-Ex-Officio) members.

The first Council meeting will happen within a couple weeks, where we will select a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and discuss/approve the Bylaws.