Marspedia:End Of Year Call Minutes 12/18/2018

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Minutes for the Marspedia End of Year Call - December 18, 2018


James Burk, Frank Crossman, Bruce Mackenzie, Susan Holden Martin, James Ghoston, Jim LeFavre, Ben Smith

Council Members Not Attending: Carie Fay, Lucinda Offer, Michael Stoltz, Mike Delaney


James Burk gave a Presentation which was recorded and is posted to YouTube. Slide Deck is here.

Governing Council Changes

James Burk nominated Susan Holden Martin to rejoin the Governing Council (she is a former Chair), and also Shaun Moss to join the Council.

Kerri Miller has resigned from the Council due to workload and impending motherhood.

Lucinda Offer, Mike Delaney, and Michael Stoltz all missed their 2nd meeting and thus are auto-removed from the Council. James is in the process of asking them if they are willing to continue to serve, and if so if they are willing to commit to being more active on the project.