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[[List of Electrical Considerations]]<BR/>
[[List of Electrical Considerations]]<BR/>
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[[List of Habitat Concepts]]<BR/>
[[List of Health and Fitness]]<BR/>
[[List of Historical Articles]]<BR/>

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This is the global collection of lists of articles that are needed by Marspedia and shall be a guide for authors, who want to start new articles without knowing which direction to go.

If you feel there is a list missing then please create it! Try to avoid creating empty lists - and keep the Marspedia policies in mind. You can create a missing list or work on an existing list. Both this list and the listed lists are maintained manually.

Eventually, most of the links here should go from missing to existing, meaning this framework's goal will have been achieved.

Please do not hesitate to update everything and bring in your ideas.

To use this list:

  • To add more types of articles, insert the names of one or more desired lists on this page. Be sure to use "[[" and "]]" to make it a link
  • Click on missing list links to open an editor window to supply a missing list.
    • Insert applicable article names into the new list, also with "[[" and "]]" each.
    • The new list should contain the line {{Bootstrap}} at the top.


List of Academia
List of Agricultural Products
List of Agricultural Technologies
List of Analog Station Efforts
List of Analog Station Designs
List of Architectural Concepts
List of Areas of Research
List of Areological Articles
List of Arts and Crafts


List of Biosphere Technologies
List of Books
List of Boosters
List of Business Models


List of Construction Materials


List of Export Markets
List of Exports
List of Electrical Considerations


List of Habitat Concepts
List of Health and Fitness
List of Historical Articles


List of Import Markets
List of Imports
List of Industrialization Articles
List of Infrastructure Considerations
List of In-situ Resource Utilization Methods


List of Logistical Considerations
List of Mars Based Sciences


List of Major Settlement Challenges
List of Maps
List of Mission Designs and Options -- not presently existing reference missions to design
List of Modules


List of Online Resources
List of Outpost Activities
List of Outpost Concepts


List of People
List of Planned Missions
List of Propulsion Systems
List of Medical Risks
List of Publications


List of Recreation
List of Resource Development Articles
List of Resources
List of Robotic Missions
List of Robots


List of Settlement Business Ideas
List of Settlement Locations
List of Shielding Options
List of Site Management Issues
List of Space Facilities
List of Space Station and Module Companies
List of Standards


List of Terraforming Issues
List of Time Issues
List of Transportation Systems


List of Unmanned Sites
List of Urban Planning