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The composition of the Population of a colony on Mars will be subject to several conditions. This article tries to outline the case of a growing autonomous colony.


There are many different tasks for the colonists to carry out. Mars is an alien world and bears imponderable conditions. People may have the need to improvise. The following skills are vital:


The size of the human population must not be too big due to the risk of overpopulation, causing lack of food and resources.


The size of the human population must not be too small due to the risk of inbreeding depression.


A group of male individuals tend to be more aggressive than a mixed group of males and females. The mix in age of the individuals has an effect, too.

While the first Martian settlers, who grew up on Earth, will be full of enthusiasm, the next generation might have a different attitude. This has to be taken into account. An initial population of mixed age can reduce the effect of division into groups with different interests.

Open issues

  • What is the minimum size of a human population to avoid inbreeding effects?