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<div style="float:{{float|left}};border:2px #000000 solid;padding:0;width:66px;height:66px;text-align:center">
<div style="float:{{float|right}};border:2px #000000 solid;padding:0;width:66px;height:66px;text-align:center">
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{|style="background-color:transparent;margin:0 auto 0 auto;"

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{{{elementSymbol}}} {{{protons}}}

Currently testing a template for elements in category:Chemistry. This will be expanded for chemical formulae in time.


If you have an element you would like to be represented by this periodic table symbol, you require the element symbol ({{{elementSymbol}}}), element name ({{{elementName}}}), no. of protons in the nuclei ({{{protons}}}) and no. of neutrons ({{{neutrons}}}). Optional: use the "float" command ({{{float}}}) to define either "left" or "right" side of article text.


For the element of Oxygen:


This yields:

O 8