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This template will be undergoing development for the "Featured Article" section on the front page of Marspedia. As it will be used on the front page, the template will be locked to avoid malicious spambots and user graffiti our beloved front page :-). If you have suggestions for the development of this template, please leave a message in the discussions tab. A featured article list will be displayed below and nomination options will be made available soon, but for now, testing will commence.

--Ioneill 02:16, 21 November 2007 (UTC)

Featured Article Nominations

Please nominate articles that are detailed and unique enough to be featured on the front page of Marspedia. Once we get started and begin to create larger articles, a more complex vetting criteria can be applied, but for now, feel free to give your suggestions below.

Please leave the link to your nomination and sign your name afterwards for consideration