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Logo proposal: The planet Mars in a half-transparent shell of puzzle pieces. The use of puzzle pieces follows a general logo idea of many wikis.
Logo B1 proposal: Girl reading book (or laptop or smart phone) under the tree of knowledge, on a brown edge of planet, outer curves are a greenhouse. proposal B1
Logo B2 proposal: Open Book in front of Mars globe, could be a drawing of Mars, or photo. Optional "MarspediA" underneath, note trailing capital A as done by WikipediA. proposal B2
Logo B3, proposal. Open Book of Knowledge, in front of Mars globe or image, various technologies flying out. Globe shows Valles, Volcanoes, Ice Cap. Proposal B3

Suggested Logos for Marspedia:

Logo B4 proposal: Open Book in forground, Mars globe in background, fading out at lower edge. To be replaced with photo of Mars. Proposal B4
Logo B5 proposal: Book of Knowledge, from which springs the technology to live on Mars. proposal B5
Logo B6, proposed:  Mars Globe faded at south edge, showing surface features: ice cap, Olympus Mons, 3 Tharsis volcanos, Valles Marineris. Below in foreground are letters MarsPedia, with 3 people lounging on the letters, reading a tablet/smart phone, a laptop, and thinking, Thought bubbles rise from the left and right people to the globe.  Proposal B6
Logo B7 Proposal. Open book of Knowledge, in front and somewhat below Mars globe or image, to give better view of globe, Ice cap visible to be more recognizable as Mars, globe. Could be colored brown for contrast with ice cap. Could show Valles and Mountains. Proposal B7.
Logo B8 Proposal. Person reclining on a Mars Globe pillow, reading book of Mars Knowledge, with thought bubbles leading to upper Mars globe or image. To be recognizable as Mars, upper globe shows Valles, Mountains, & Ice cap. Could be colored brown for contrast with ice cap. Lower globe is a pillow showing white ice cap. Proposal B8.

initally by Bruce Mackenzie, Feel free to add comments or more logo suggestions