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==Standing Subcommittees==
==Standing Subcommittees==
[[Marspedia:Editorial_Subcommittee|Editorial Subcommittee]]
[[Marspedia:Editorial|Editorial Subcommittee]]
[[Marspedia:Technical_Subcommittee|Technical Subcommittee]]
[[Marspedia:Technical|Technical Subcommittee]]

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The Marspedia Governing Council was formed in October 2017 to manage and grow the wiki.

According to our Bylaws, the Mission of Marspedia is to promote the free exchange of information about Mars, and to promote the human exploration and settlement of Mars. Marspedia is an effort of people everywhere and strives to be available and accessible to all. The purpose of the Marspedia Governing Council is to manage and maintain the Marspedia wiki and associated services, and ensure it can effectively further its Mission.

Information on the Council

Council Members

Meeting Minutes


Standing Subcommittees

Editorial Subcommittee

Technical Subcommittee