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May 3, 2016

Today have been a great day in the MDRS Station, we eat eggs with sauce and potatoes for breakfast. Then everyone begin to work in the projects.

In the morning we had a Martian visit, called by DJ, who taught to Ing.Orson how to use the ATV. In the afternoon, the commander Elizabeth did her first EVA, with Greenhab Engineer, Nolverth. Both collect different types of soil on Mars surfaces. After that, they received a induction about the ATV.

Then was my turn and EVA Engineer, Luis. we drove approximately 3 kilometers. Finally we did the daily meeting, where we schedule the arrive of the Seven member of the crew, which going to arrive around 12:00 am.

For now, everything is well in the MDRS, all the crew are fine and the projects is going well too, The Journalist, Celeste.

May 5, 2016

Hi Earth!

Today was a good day! First we awoke early for a visit by National Geographic's Journalist team who then took pictures of our crew. So maybe we are going to be in the Magazine!

Then Marcos had his first EVA with me as coworker. He tested his robot successfully, however there were some issues to be resolved during the next EVA.

For lunch, Luis and Orson prepared burritos. They were delicious! Everyday we are being creative, trying to cook different foods.

After lunch we had a temporary power outage, so it was a boring afternoon. We could not work or use water, but luckily Orson fixed the outage by starting the second generator.

Then we had our daily meeting, preparing our reports. However, we didn't send them as Shannon had instructed us not to use the internet until tomorrow at 9:00 am.

Journalist, Celeste.


May 6, 2016, Sol 7

Hello Earth!

Today was a windy day on Mars.

Everything goes well, and the projects are almost ready!

Today we did not conduct an EVA as Mission Control didn’t send us the confirmation. But we worked hard in our projects and make a list to do for new homework, such as an inventory of the work tools and cookware in the Hab, taking pictures of the Hab and preparing a manual of what to do when we arrive on the MDRS for futures astronauts. We will also try to fix the 3D printer.

For the lunch, Nolvert cooked Pasta with dehydrated meat that we found yesterday.

In the afternoon we took an official pictures of every one with our spacesuits. And we are going to share it with Earth soon.

The Journalist, Celeste.


May 9, 2016

Hello Earth, Today was a quiet day on Mars, the temperature has been warm and field tests have gone well. Today was the turn of Mark rover going to explore the Martian land , the tests were successful, however the land is agunas can not fix well the container. Jeel analyzes, Nolverth and Elizabeh are waiting for their crops yield results. The Elizabteh lunch prepared tacos , however it was a challenge for those who are not accustomed to chili. The afternoon trancurrido standard , most are writing their story about the experience of this mission on Mars for the future book Crew. In my case I'm working on repairing the technical details missing for testing Rover morning, it looks like it will perform well. This has been the summary of the day,

Greetings from Mars,


May 10, 2016- Sol 9

Hello Earth,Everything is alright here on Mars, we are about 4 days away from ending our mission, and the projects are all going well. Today was my first EVA with the rover, so I could test its efficiency in exploring the Martian surface. The test was at about 300m from the Hub and on a surface full of rocks. On the following EVA, it will be possible to use it on more tilted surfaces.

The test gave good results, and the robot was able to move easily, with the sensors working well; including the moments in which it lost balance, thanks to a couple rocks, since it went back to its initial position. In conclusion, the robot proved a relatively good performance (~80%), which is very close to what we were hoping to obtain, due to the alimentation systems which need to be exchanged with some more stable ones, bettering its mechanical design. The factors that were evaluated were the effeminacy of the movement systems, balance and adaptivity to a Martian surface.

At the end of the EVA, dinner time came, and it was Marco and Jeel's time to prepare something, so they went and made some omelettes with rice and tuna.That evening, both were incited to utilize the ATVs, with Orson as the instructor.

To conclude, we are working on the extra work that we were given due tomorrow, like the inventory and the crew video.


Journalist Celeste B.

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May 10, 2016- Sol 10

Hello Earth! The day has been very quiet on Mars, and we are finalizing with the objectives of the mission. In the morning it was my turn to prepare breakfast with Nolverth, it was time to change the pancakes, so prepare oatmeal and cream to eat with crackers. Lately it has had to invent many recipes that we share for future crews. After breakfast, it was time for EVA Jeel, which soil samples collected at different points, this time Mark was his companion. While in others Hab ended with the cleanup, in my case I made an inventory of kitchen utensils. For lunch she prepared rice with sardines and baked potatoes. However it was not enough for so many cookies as desserts added, our favorites are the Pop-Tarts. In the afternoon we continue with the work of the projects, and in my case make the last tests in the Hab for my EVA tomorrow. To change a little routine, at night it is having a fun time, either with a board game, reading or watching a movie, certainly you can not miss the martian.

Regards, Journalist, Celeste


May 12, 2016- Sol 11

Greetings Earth, We are 2 days away from ending our simulation, and today has been very tiring, though everything went well.

In the morning I went on my second EVA with the rover, and the results were really good. The first test was on a plane but rocky surface, and the robot had an efficiency of ~90%, due to the change in alimentation from 26AWG to 12AWG, due to the fact that we hadn't calculated the ampere that it could support. The second test was a place surface, but with the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. For this test, in order to obtain good results, we had to calibrate the sensors on a place surface. After this, we proceeded with the test on a tilted and rocky surface, with a tilt of 35°. The results were really good and the hexapod maintained a good balance while it was descending the mountain. Tomorrow will be the last EVA, and we will try more sandy and tilted surfaces.

While we worked with the EVA, we got a visit from the London BBC crew from the program "That's genius". After lunch, they took a video of the Hab; later that evening they realized they recorded us working with the ATVs. Without doubt there was a small collision with the ATVs, but everyone ended up fine. Before our friends from BBC left, Elizabeth and I prepared dinner, while the others prepared for the recording we were going to make for the MDRS. A goodbye from Mars, Journalist, Celeste.


May 13, 2016- Sol 12

Hello Earth, The day was pretty light on Mars, and our objectives were mostly reached, with just a few final last thing to ultimate. In the morning, Nolverth and Luis prepared breakfast; it seemed like lunch because it was a very rich stuffed potatoes with tortilla. In the end, we created several recipes that we want to share with the future inhabitants. After breakfast, it was time for my EVA; the controllers took a couple faults, though the objective of placing it on tilted surfaces was completed, which made me feel more calm. Elizabeth and I cleaned up everything. For lunch we had lentils with a vegetables soup. For the evening, the kept working on our projects and extra work. Just for sake of changing routine, we recorded a video to keep a memory of the hab, and Marco is in charge of editing it.

Regards, Journalist, Celeste.

[ ]

May 14, 2016

Hello Earth,

Today is our last day on Mars is a day to celebrate the success of the mission and prepare everything for tomorrow's takeoff toward Earth. Jeel prepared coffee and Pancakes for breakfast, and our last lunch was prepared by Luis with Orson; it was a delicious dish of potato tortilla with meat and salami, this time we prepared a lot of food so that we wouldn't leave anything on Mars.During the morning and afternoon we made our final reports and packing our stuff for the return trip.

We also finished the crew video and took the official group pictures.

We are very happy but rather nostalgic of leaving this great planet, and each of the members, because despite the short time we had together, we got very united and became good friends. We are deeply grateful to the Mars Society for this opportunity and the people that have supported and allowed this experience to be possible.

One last goodbye from Mars,