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MAY 18, 2018 Journalist Report – May 18th Journalist Report – Earth-Date 18 May 2018 / Sol 5

Author: Dean Aubin

Final in-sim day. Our morning began with learning about one of the most important potential obstacles in long distance human space travel: the human psyche. Our successful EVA today just showed how well we are all beginning to come together as a team. Finishing off the afternoon with details from our resident NASA flight surgeon, we covered astronaut selection and nutrition and the effects of space-associated neurooccular syndrome. Tonight we all sit down for a hot meal and review the amazing memories and bonds formed this week.

MAY 17, 2018 Journalist Report – May 16th Crew 194 Journalist Report

Sol 3

Our day started at 7 o’ clock to another amazing view. Sean and Doug prepped our crew with a preflight summary before the launch of their custom-built, 1:3 scale, MDRS Nike Smoke rocket. With our launch site scouted yesterday, we were vertical and go for launch by 1031.

A spectacular launch produced a peak altitude of over 5000 feet and a gentle descent up onto the plateau west of our launch site. Drone footage pending.

Afternoon lectures from Dr. Rick Cole over winter and water survival and his experiences as a NASA flight surgeon were intriguing. We ended the day with a successful two-team EVA to recover the rocket from the western plateau.

Dean Aubin, Crew 194 Journalist


POSTED ON MAY 15, 2018 Journalist Report – May 15th Crew 194 Report Sol 2

Later than usual start to the morning as most of us surprisingly and coincidentally slept well past sunup. Yesterday evening the crew successfully responded to a simulated medical emergency. With the crew safe and all dangers tended to, we had more energy than usual as the day came to a close. After reviewing the dangers, symptoms, and treatment of radiation exposure to space travelers, we set outside for our EVA. Coincidentally, solar radiation had the landscape and the EVA much warmer than yesterday. Returning from a very successful EVA, we sat down and learned celestial navigation. Enjoying the throwbacks to math, geometry, and using pencil and paper again, we found it pleasantly challenging. Having to say farewell to our instructor Dana, a space nerd with a personality the size of Olympic Mons, we excitedly welcome a new instructor, Rick Cole.

POSTED ON MAY 14, 2018 Journalist Report – May 14th Monday, May 14, 2018

Crew 194

Sol 1 Field Report

Morning lectures began early with details over space suits, hypoxia, toxicology. EVA immediately after with two teams successfully establishing comms relay further south of the Hab. Successful medical evac and treatment of injury due to fall. Afternoon consisted of rest, reading, Hab maintenance, and tidying. Crew all well.

Dean Aubin