Future Mars Missions

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This is a list of future missions planned or being actively discussed prior to formal approval:

Planned missions

Mission Organization Launch Type Launch provider
Martian Moons Exploration (MMX) JAXA, Japan 2024 Orbiter, Phobos lander JAXA, H3
Mars Terahertz Microsatellite NICT, ISSL, Japan July 2020 Orbiter, lander
Mars Orbiter Mission 2 (Mangalyaan 2) ISRO, India 2022 Orbiter ISRO, PSLV-XL
Mars 2020[1] NASA, USA July 2020 Rover, helicopter ULA, Atlas V
Hope Mars Mission[2] MBRSC, UAE July 2020 Orbiter MHI, H-IIA
ExoMars 2020[3] ESA, EU

SRI RAS, Russia

July 2020 Lander, rover RAS, Proton
2020 Chinese Mars Mission[4] CNSA, China July/August 2020 Orbiter, rover CASTC, Long March 5

Proposed missions

Mission Organisation Proposed


Type Launch provider
Demo mission SpaceX, USA 2022 Lander, cargo SpaceX, BFR
Crewed mission SpaceX, USA 2024 Lander, cargo, crew SpaceX, BFR
Next Mars Orbiter (NeMO) NASA, USA Late 2020s Telecomm orbiter
Mars design reference mission[5] NASA, USA Lander,cargo,crew ULA, SLS