List of Planned Missions

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Planned Missions

These missions have a high likelihood of making it to the launch pad based on funding levels, program history, and the track record of the selected launch vehicle.

Mission Category Planned Launch Launch Vehicle Organization
ExoMars Rover and Surface Platform (RSP) Lander, Rover 2020 Proton ESA
Mars 2020 Rover (M20) Rover 2020 Atlas V 541 NASA
Mars Hope / Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Orbiter 2020 H-IIA UAE
Mars Global Remote Sensing Orbiter and Small Rover Orbiter, Rover 2020 Long March 5 CNSA
Mars Orbiter Mission 2 (MOM2) Orbiter 2022 GSLV Mark III ISRO
Martian Moons Exploration Phobos Lander with Sample Return (MMX) Lander 2024 H3-24L JAXA

Secondary Payloads on Planned Missions

As of October 2018, there have been no formal announcements of any secondary payloads launching with any of the above primary missions. There has been word of a Japanese microsatellite launching as a secondary payload in 2020, but no details have emerged.

Proposed Missions

These missions have been proposed but lack in either certainty concerning the launch date, or certainty of launching at all. They are arranged in no particular order (i.e. the first is not necessarily the most likely to launch first).

  • SpaceX first BFR cargo mission in 2022, followed by crew and cargo in 2024 (as stated on their website in October 2018).
  • NASA's "Next Mars Orbiter" (NeMO) in the late 2020's. This was originally planned for 2022 but has taken a back seat in favor of an "accelerated" sample return budgeting scheme
  • NASA's Mars sample return mission. The details of this mission are to be decided in 2019.
  • Mars One still exists, though support and confidence have waned
  • NASA still presents Mars as a "horizon goal," though according to a report delivered to the United States Congress in September of 2018, no decision will be made concerning the architecture of this mission until 2024. Certain members of Congress, notably Rep. Perlmutter of Colorado, advocate strongly for a 2033 date.