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Li 3

Abundance: 0.0%

Lithium, periodic table Li, has 3 protons. It can have either 3 or 4 neutrons, for Li-6 and Li-7.

Abundance on Mars[1]

Lithium may have been concentrated in salt deposits during periods when liquid water was present on Mars. Lithium might exist as lithium chloride salts, that have been detected in Martian meteorites[2].

Lithium production and use

Lithium is used in batteries, alloys, as a light metal and in a number of salts.

Lithium is an essential trace element in food. A typical human body contains 0,000007 kg. For one million persons the lithium required would be 7 kg. For an entire ecosystem serving these one million people the amount required might be about one tonne (hypothetical ratio of 100:1).

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