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Priority Item Owner Notes Status
1 Initial Set of Tag Templates Strangelv Review all tag templates and ensure we have a complete set, based on what is on the other wikis. Needed for editorial team to tag existing articles Completed, Needs Review.
1 Wikipedia Import Jburk Investigate the API and revise the import instructions In progress, no ETA.
1 Revise Categories FCrossman Review & update all categories on the wiki for future use by editorial team. In Progress, Editorial committee reviewing next week
2 Create Category Picker Unassigned Determine how we can limit categories used on articles to the final list. Not started

Priority Definition:
1 - High Priority
2 - Medium Priority
3 - Low Priority

Completed Items

Priority Item Owner Notes Status
1 Update default theme Jburk Update default theme to Metrolook DONE
1 Redesign Home Page Jburk Create wireframe and implement using modern grid DONE
1 look into email notifications for new articles, and an editorial workflow/moderation for new articles. Jburk Needs research DONE