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A settlement will require storage space for manufactured goods, extracted goods as well as transported goods (cargo). Storage facilities may be a simple as a lay down area for equipment and as complex as refrigerated storage for compressed gases.

Propellant storage as well as the storage of other bulk liquids and gasses.

The settlement will inevitable create waste, that will need to be stored for re-use or adequate disposal.

Storage may well be divided into several types depending on its characteristics:

  • Are materials safe stored in a vacuum?
  • Do the materials require high pressure?
  • Are materials safe stored in a dusty environment?
  • Are materials safe stored at outside temperatures?
  • Are materials safe stored in humid environments?
  • Are materials safe stored in a high radiation environment?
  • Are materials safe stored under high Ultra-violet light?
  • Are the materials dangerous to humans (e.g. toxic chemicals)?
  • Should the materials have natural sunlight?
  • Should these materials be stored at near Earth's gravity? (Likely only important for living materials.)

Storage space (other than materials that can sit on Mars' surface) is likely to be expensive, and care must be given to how much storage is needed, and what properties it must possess. Storage space inside the habitat itself is likely to be the most valuable and the most expensive.

Dry storage

  • Warehousing
  • Cold storage
  • Salvage
  • Customs facility
  • Lay down area

Liquid storage

Gas storage