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Hi Pete, I think deleting [[Concept of the Different Continent]] would be an improvement. I could have notice the relevance of [[Cellulose]] if I had checked the <What links here> button. The Eden Project could be converted into a section of [[Greenhouse]]. You have made good suggestions and seem like a serious contributor. I wonder what caused you to start to contribute just now. Your work may not amount to much because I think The Mars Society intends to change the hosting of Marspedia and change the format somewhat. Perhaps you can ride along with the change. User:Strangelv knows more about this and is an administrator and bureaucrat for Marspedia. For myself, I intend to bail out of Marspedia and let it sink under the spam or swim as those with more authority than me desire. Deleting the spam is too much work. I have just been hanging on until I copy a few articles that I am specially interested in for my own reference. Your appearance has distracted me and slowed my departure. I wish you well. - Farred 18:53, 29 September 2013 (UTC)