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Although many infectious diseases, such as hepatitis or influenza, will not be indigenous on Mars, there are still some germs that can not be avoided completely. Moreover, the immune system itself may cause problems. Therefore, a Vaccination Program may need to be defined.

A complete ecosystem is also likely to includes organism that cause diseases.

Adults originated from Earth

Immigrants from Earth come with a fully developed immune system. However, they should be periodically vaccinated against tetanus. Immigrants will also import bacteria and viruses that can cause infectious diseases.

Children growing up on Mars

There is evidence for the occurrence of an allergy with children growing up in a sterile environment. Statistically, children growing up in frequent contact with other children on Earth have a much lower risk to suffer from allergy in their adolescent or adult years. On Mars the population is much smaller in the beginning, resulting in a significant lower chance for children to be exposed to enough germs to stimulate the developing immune system. A vaccination program should help. Possible vaccinations for babies include:

  • Tetanus
  • Rhinitis (systematic exposure instead of vaccination)
  • Rubeola
  • Roseola

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