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The planet Mars (Greek: Ares)
Astronomical symbol of Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun orbiting at a distance of 249,228,730km at aphelion and 206,644,545km at perihelion. Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun (after Mercury, Venus and Earth), is the center of interest of the Marspedia project. Of all planets of our solar system, except Earth, it is considered the most habitable place. This makes it the focus for future manned colonization and settlement planning.

Physical characteristics

Mars has gravity 1/3 of Earth's. It is the fourth planet from the Sun.


The climate of Mars is Earth-like with seasons. Temperatures vary from -140 celsius to +20. The atmospheric pressure is 1% of Earth's atmosphere.


Evidence indicates that Mars once had a wet and warm past.

Popular sites on the surface

The Martian canals and the white polar regions are known for a long time, for they can be seen with small telescopes from Earth's view point. The Face has been one of the most mystic geological sites until detailed 3D data revealed its rather unspectacular shape.

Exploration of Mars

Since the first man-made lander Mars 3 performed successfully a soft touchdown to the Martian surface, several probes and soft landers have explored Mars, including the MER rovers, the Phoenix lander and MRO satellite. Eventual goal of manned mission to Mars is planned by several space agencies of the world.