Marspedia:Editorial Minutes 12/4/2017

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Marspedia Editorial Subcommittee

The meeting was convened as a teleconference using the Zoom.US service on December 4th, 2017 at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific.


Susan Martin, James Burk, James Gholston, Kerri Miller, Bruce Mackenzie


  • Review of what's been done since last meeting
  • Current priority list
  • Next steps - action plan

Review of what's been done

We are at 100 members.

We have our first organic article submission

We rolled out Metrolook as the default skin. Doesn't work with JS turned off with Mobile devices.

We finished the list of Tag Templates.

Frank Crossman worked on a Proposal for Categories.

We are discussing the Areography section/plan on the Technical Subcommittee Slack.

James added the extension for send notifications when new pages are created.

James researched workflows. We had a discussion that resulted in us wanting to tag new user's new articles and edits for approval.

Current Priority List

  • Finish the Needed Articles list
  • Lock down the list of categories
  • Review all articles that they have the correct tag templates and categories.
  • Find people that are willing to write articles.

Action Items

  • Add to the Needed Articles list.
  • Review & Signoff the list of Categories.
  • Begin assigning out the articles to review (systematically)
  • Referred to Technical Committee: Investigate a solution to tag new users' article submissions & initial edits for further approve, to protect the wiki.
  • Referred to Technical Committee: Investigate a solution to allow anonymous people to edit/create articles but also protect the wiki from spammers.