Marspedia:Editorial Minutes 7/30/2018

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Marspedia Editorial Subcommittee Weekly Meeting

We convened this meeting as a teleconference using the Zoom.US service on July 30, 2018


James Burk, Frank Crossman, Jim LeFevre


  • Review current progress of Re-Categorization.
  • Discuss next steps including process to revise the Needed Articles page.


James provided an update on the re-categorization project which so far has resulted in our New Category Hierarchy, the creation of this set of categories on the wiki by James, and the beginning of re-tagging each existing article with the new category set. James is around 1/3 done with the re-tagging and plans to be done in the next 1-2 weeks. It is a manual process for each article and he's working on some other technical debt & cleanup during this exercise.

Josh has been working on the Category picker and the first version is in the refreshed Development Environment ([]) with some bugs.

We created a Needed Articles Spreadsheet to assist with the revision of the Needed Articles page. Everybody can help us build this out -- column A is the category and Columns B through Z (or longer) is the title of a stub page under that category. The goal is for us to look holistically at each category and think about what articles we want to have long-term there. Once this spreadsheet is done, we can bulk-generate the stub pages and get to work on the articles. They can be prioritized and assigned out to volunteers.

Action Items for Next Week

  • Josh - Continue working on Category Picker
  • James - Continue with re-tagging work so that all articles on the wiki have the correct (new) categories.
  • All - Work on Needed Articles Spreadsheet