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U 92

Abundance: 0.0%

Uranium, periodic table U, is a metal. Its most common isotope is 238U has 146 neutrons, with a abundance of 99% of all uranium. It is unstable and slightly radioactive, with a half life of 4.468×109 years (4.5 billion hears). The most important commercial isotope of uranium is 235U, that is radioactive with a half life of 7.04×108 years. 235U represents 0,72% of all Uranium.

Uranium used in nuclear reactors is usually enriched in 235U to increase its radioactivity to the point it can sustain a nuclear chain reaction. Commercial nuclear power plants use fuel that is typically enriched to around 3% 235U.

Uranium's average concentration in the Earth's crust is (depending on the reference) 2 to 4 parts per million, or about 40 times as abundant as silver. If Uranium can be mined and enriched on Mars, it would represent an excellent energy source for a Martian settlement.

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