Crew 155 - First Engineers

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Paul Bakken, Commander (CDR)

Paul Bakken, 45, married, 3 children

American, resides in Minnesota

Attorney, Electrical Distrubution Cooperative Board Member, Elected Official. Former service in the Army National Guard. Eagle Scout. Avid science-fiction reader and tinkerer. Strong interest in researching EVA construction techniques at the MDRS.


Sam Harrison, Health Safety Officer (HSO)

Sam Harrison, 21

British, resides in California.

Born in Germany, has lived and studied in the USA, China, India, and Australia. Final year business studies student at Bournemouth University. Strong interest in robotics and High Powered Rocketry. NAR Level 1 High Powered Rocketry certified. Founder of Nebula Sciences, a start-up company that specializes in near space payload design and delivery via weather balloon.


Cassie Klos, Crew Journalist and Artist-in-Residence

Cassie Klos, 24

American, resides in Massachusetts.

B.F.A. from Tufts University at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Fine Art Photographer, with work exhibited across the Northeast United States. Interests include astronomy, science-fiction, and launching model rockets. Current photography project, tentatively entitled "Mars on Earth," explores the simulation and fabrication of planet landscapes and missions, while simultaneously investigating the use of photography in scientific endeavors.


Jackelynne Silva-Martinez, Executive Officer (XO)

Jackelynne Silva-Martinez, 29, married, 1 child

American, resides in Texas.

Born in Cusco, Peru. MS in Aerospace Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech, and MA in Aeronautical Science Human Factors from Embry-Riddle. Currently works at NASA JSC in the Flight Operations Directorate. Participated as a test subject in NASA's Human Exploration Research Analog study. Interests include human spaceflight, space architecture, project management, and STEAM initiatives.


Stergio Palpanis, Crew Engineer (ENG)

Stergio Palpanis, 38

Greek Cypriot, resides in Cyprus.

B.Eng Honours in Civil Engineering, and a M.A. in Environmental Management. Currently works as an Environmental Officer at the Cyprus Ministry of Interior. Hobbies include cross-fitting, yoga, bicycling, cinema, modern green architecture, reading books, hiking, science-fiction movies, and traveling. Interested in learning new skills and helping the MDRS succeed.


Hung Nguyen, GreenHab Officer (GHO)

Hung Nguyen, 25

Vietnamese, resides in Texas.

Originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. B.S. from Texas Tech University, specializing in Economics, Finance, and Management. Interested in food production systems for a Martian environment, and will assist the engineering team in setting up the new GreenHab.