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Björn Grieger - Commander

Björn Grieger is the first non-national to command MDRS. Bjoern is a planetary scientist, currently at the Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie in Germany in the Planetary Science Department. Bjoern is involved in the preparation of data evaluation techniques for the Huygens probe that will descend into Titan's atmosphere in January 2005. He is also involved in modeling long term climate changes on Mars. Bjoern has long dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and trained as a cosmonaut training in Star City, Moscow, in 1997.

Nell Beedle - Geologist

Nell Beedle is a geologist, currently with Fugro Seafloor Surveys, Inc., in Seattle. During her MDRS rotation, Nell concentrated on more clearly defining the local geology and updating the on-line documentation at MDRS. She has extensive academic and professional experience in field geology, marine geology and marine geophysics.

Erik Carlstrom - Geologist

Erik Carlstrom, Mars Society Member, has studied planetary science, optical oceanography, and geophysics. He also has military experience. Erik was accepted into the physics PhD program at Oregon State University during this rotation.

Jonathan Dory - Engineer

Jonathan Dory is a Space Habitation Engineer, working as a a Human Factors Analyst for SPACEHAB Inc. at the Johnson Space Center. He supports NASA by planning the internal layout and configuration of systems, payloads, and hardware to accommodate operations and habitability onboard the International Space Station.

Sybil Sharvelle - Engineer

Sybil Sharvelle is a gradute student in Civil Engineering at Colorado University, Boulder. Sybil joined the crew half-way through the rotation, but fit in immediately. Sybil is helping to design a water recycling system for the International Space Station.

Stacy Sklar - Volcanologist

Stacy Sklar is a geochemistry student at Northern Arizona University. She aspires to be a Mars Vulcanologist. A Mars Society Member, she is active with the Mars Desert Research Station in Logistics, Exploration, and Research.

Tiffany Vora - Biologist

Tiffany Vora is a graduate student in Molecular Biology at Princeton University. Tiffany has professional experience in developmental genetics and molecular biology, and chemistry. After this rotation, Tiffany will begin work in a cell-cycle regulation research.

Crew Photos

Björn Grieger
Jonathan Dory
Nell Beedle
Erik Carlstrom
Sybil Sharvelle
Stacy Sklar
Tiffany Vora