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Green walls are walls that are covered in plants. In addition to increasing biomass, green walls improve asthetics in dwellings and public areas. Plants in a green wall can be grown by aeroponics, hydroponics, or traditional methods. Green walls also have potential for use as a water filtration method.

A Green Wall


The plants of the green wall can improve the air quality through the absorbtion of carbon dioxide and emission of oxygen. Transpiration releases water vapor, humidifying the air. Air filtration can be augmented by active biofiltration by forcing air through the soil[1].

The soil environment can be used as a low tech water filter for grey water.

Green walls help raise morale by improving asthetics. Sections of a wall may be assigned to individual colonists care, providing a source of diversion and personal expression.

Plants grown in a green wall can augment the food from greenhouses.

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