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The Hundred Year Starship initiative has been announced in October 2010 by S. Pete Worden, the director of the NASA Ames Research Center. It is about sending settlers on a manned one-way mission to planet Mars to establish a long term Earth-supported colony.

No documents about this initiative have been published by NASA as yet. There is only Pete Worden's announcement at the Long Conversation event in San Francisco, which was reported by a number of news organizations thereafter.[1] [2] [3][4]

The only reference on NASA's homepage is a link to an article on [5] [6]

It is said to be funded with $1 million by DARPA and another $100,000 by NASA, a sum that will be used to start detailed investigation and conceptual work. Worden believes the estimated cost of sending people one-way to Mars is about $10 billion.


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