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Mars topography (MOLA dataset) HiRes (1).jpg
Jack N. James] (center), JPL's Mariner 4 Project Manager, with a group in the White House presenting the spacecraft's famous picture Number 11 of Mars to US President Lyndon B. Johnson (center right) in July 1965, showing the Mariner crater.[1]

Mariner Crater is an impact crater with a diameter of 170 km. It is located in the Phaethontis quadrangle at 35.1° south latitude and 164.5° west longitude (195.5 E). Its name refers to the Mariner IV spacecraft.[2] In fact it is probably the best image that was taken with the Mariner IV spacecraft.

This article shows many pictures that show how we see Mars so much better today. Images of this crater are shown from the Mariner 4 and Mars Reconnaissance missions. One can compare the resolutions from the Mariner IV camera, CTX, and HiRISE.

Gullies are found in Mariner Crater.[3] [4]

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