Services on Mars

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The following list of services is a summary of the Central product Classification (CPC) produced by the United Nations.[1] A similar table shows products that will need to be produced or imported on Mars.


  1. Construction
  2. Distribution, transportation and utilities
    1. Wholesale and trade
    2. Retail
    3. Lodgings
    4. Transportation (water, air, space)
    5. Postal
    6. Electrical and power distribution
  3. Financial and real estate
  4. Business and production
    1. Research and development
    2. Legal and professional
    3. Telecommunications
    4. Maintenance
    5. Support and logistics
    6. Manufacturing services
  5. Community social and personal
    1. Administration
    2. Education
    3. Health
    4. Sewage and water (Life support)
    5. Recreation