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The United Nation produces the Central Product Classification system (CPC) . THE CPC constitutes a complete product classification covering goods and services. It was intended to serve as an international standard for assembling and tabulating all kinds of data requiring product detail including industrial production, national accounts, service industries, domestic and foreign commodity trade, international trade in services, balance of payments, consumption and price statistics. Other basic aims were to provide a framework for international comparison and promote harmonization of various types of statistics dealing with goods and services.[1] Mars settlements will require all of these products and services, either locally produces or imported. The main categories of products in the CPC are the following:

  1. Agricultural products
    1. Products of agriculture (grain, plants, fruit)
    2. Live animals (poultry, pigs)
    3. Forestry (this is unlikely for the first few centuries)
    4. Fish (from aquaculture)
  2. Ore and minerals, electricity gas and water
    1. Water
    2. Metal ores- Iron ore,
    3. Stone sand and clay
    4. Electricity- Electricity
    5. Other minerals
  3. Food and other products made from agricultural products
    1. Meat, fish, fruit, oils, fats
    2. Grains
    3. Beverages - Ethanol
    4. Textiles and other threads, clothing- Natural fiber
  4. Goods not made of metal
    1. Wood, paper
    2. Chemicals, plastics, synthetic materials
    3. Glass and non metallic mineral products
    4. Pharmaceuticals
    5. Furniture
  5. Metal products
    1. Basic metals- Iron, Steel, Aluminium
    2. Fabricated metal elements
    3. Machinery
    4. Electrical machinery and apparatus- Photovoltaics
    5. Communications and computers
    6. Medical instruments
    7. Transportation

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Products are prepared in production facilities