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Needs links to Multi-layered_dome_settlement and Arch_segments. Miros1 21:00, 9 November 2008 (UTC)

Space intentionally left blank for previous universal bricks chat Miros1 11:21, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

  • Rose/Miros says, "can you slop the universal bricks stuff into the discussion page and

i'll tidy it up?" <snip>

  • Strangelv is working on a replacement {sds}MarsDrive{eds}for Marspedia. There have

been no contributions since he deleted the existing article for being a copyright violation

  • Strangelv says, "well previously existing acticle"
  • Rose/Miros says, "lol"
  • Strangelv sees there's still a bunch of stuff from Lunarpedia that needs to be

brought over to Marspedia. Like virtually all of the stub tags...

  • Strangelv sticks to plain old {sdc}Stub{edc}as one template to port over is plenty

for him at the moment


  • Rose/Miros says, "MASI?"
  • Rose/Miros says, "that would be a good universal brick name"
  • Rose/Miros says, "lol"
  • Strangelv says, "Modular Analogue Structural ..."
  • Strangelv says, "..."
  • Strangelv says, "Infrastructure?"
  • Rose/Miros says, "ook, good one"
  • Strangelv says, "Sounds too Dilbertian, though"
  • Strangelv says, "Modular Analogue seems pretty good though"
  • Strangelv says, "Modular Analogue [insert something here] Modeling?"
  • Rose/Miros says, "

oooh, lookie!"

  • Strangelv says, "Problem: it's a dome"
  • Strangelv says, "Seriosu problem"
  • Rose/Miros says, "we were talking about using universal bricks with an inflatable


  • Strangelv says, "Use them for a rounded foundation?"
  • Rose/Miros says, "one thing in the chat i lost was to make the bricks concave on one


  • Strangelv says, "Yes, to be used to get the roucgh form of a pressure structure

inside its rectangular form"

  • Strangelv says, "Possible way to show this in the commercial product: make the

blocks clear except for the interior -facing sides?"

  • Rose/Miros says, "that's making the blocks overly complicated..."
  • Rose/Miros says, ""
  • Strangelv hmms.
  • Strangelv says, "So you make a cylinder, dow do you install the rounded ends?"
  • Rose/Miros says, "you're thinking too hard"
  • You tickle Strangelv, giving no quarter.
  • Strangelv says, "Doh."
  • Strangelv says, "Three types"
  • Strangelv says, "Square, cylindrical, and spherical"
  • Strangelv says, "The Lunar Habitat comes with X bricks, Y connectors, and two

colonists. Regolith not included."

  • Strangelv tries to figure out the spherical. They're probably not going to be

consistent in size

  • Rose/Miros says, "i'm thinking triangular for the spherical"
  • Rose/Miros says, "giant buckyball"


  • Strangelv says, "Buckminster Geodesic. Thank you."

<snip> Miros1 11:21, 10 November 2008 (UTC)