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Vitamins play a vital part in human metabolism. Some are produced by the human body itself, others must be regularly ingested via food. However, the bodies of some animals can produce vitamins that the human body can not produce. This page wants to find out how to meet the human requirements for vitamins in a colony on Mars.

Food that contains much vitamins

Food that contains little vitamins

These sorts of food are good for carbohydrate intake, nevertheless.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is required for maintaining the skin and mucus linings. It is available in meat(especially liver), cheese, eggs, oily fish and milk. Due to energy restrictions on Mars this kind of food can not be easily produced.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is required by the human body to produce blood and to manage the energy processes of proteins and carbohydrates. It is available in pork, chicken, turkey, cod, but also in whole cereals, vegetables, soy beans and peanuts. Due to the availability in herbal food the demand for the Martian settlers can be met by agricultural production methods.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is needed to process folic acid. It can be found in meat and algae. The latter can be grown on Mars in algaculture.

Artificial vitamins

Many vitamins can be produced artificially on an industrial scale, but with current knowledge an adequate supply with all vital vitamins seems not possible on an artificial basis. Natural food is inevitable, even in a colony on Mars.

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