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Algae in algaculture with bubbles of oxygen

Algae are a diverse group of organisms, ranging from ten meter long kelp to unicellular dinoflagellate. These organisms are a vital link in many food chains on Earth. The farming of algae is called algaculture.

Cultivation of Algae

Open Pools

Open pools are similar to the natural environment of many species of algae.

Aerated Tanks

Aerated tanks provide a controllable environment which can be tuned to the exact conditions needed by the target species.

Uses of Algae


Algae are an excellent source of vitamins, oils, fatty acids, and minerals, and are eaten in many parts of the world. They can be grown in tanks filled with waste water, and aerated with CO2 from the martian atmosphere. A welcome side effect is the release of free oxygen.


Algae is currently used on Earth as a fertilizer.

Waste Water Treatment

Algae digest excess organic molecules and CO2.


Certain species of algae can be grown to produce hydrogen and hydrocarbons.

Open Issues

  • What is known about the efficiency factor of energy transformation from light energy to chemical energy? We need a calculation and a comparison with other food crop.