Albor Tholus

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Albor Tholus is a volcano in the Elysium Volcanic Region. It lies south of the neighbouring volcanoes Elysium Mons and Hecates Tholus. Albor Tholus is 4.5 kilometres[1] high and has a diameter of 160 km[1] at its base. Its large caldera, having a diameter of 30 km and a depth of 3 km,[1] is deep compared to calderas on the Earth. Albor Tholus is located at 18.87 N and 150.47 E (209.6 W).[2]

It's name refers to a classical albedo feature and its named was officially adopted by IAU in 1973.[3]

Albor Tholus
Albor Tholus as seen by THEMIS


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