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The 520 days simulation was part of the Mars-500 project. During an overall period of 520 days a crew of 6 persons lived and worked in an isolated analog station, consisting of 5 modules, simulating a space vessel, a landing module, a Martian environment, etc.

The simulation included a 250 day Earth-to-Mars flight period, a 30 day surface mission and a 240 day Mars-to-Earth flight period. The simulation took place in the Ground-based Experimental Complex (GEC) of SSC RF - Institute of biomedical problems of RAS in Moscow (Russia).[1]

Goals of the simulation

  • Clinical-physiological investigations.
  • Biochemical, immunological investigations.
  • Psychophysiology.
  • Small group psychology, personality psychology.
  • Sanitary and hygienic, and microbiological investigations.
  • Biological investigations.
  • Operation-technological experiments, verification of the data bases.


Crew: 6 persons


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