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The chronology of Mars Society Conventions since its founding in 1998 is given in the tale below. The Convention location and a few highlights of each convention are listed. Links to speaker schedules, and poster art included in the table. While the pdf files are not directly viewable in Marspedia, the link allows the downloading of the pdf files for viewing on most devices.

Table of the Chronology of the Conventions of TMS (The Mars Society)

Year No. Site Location Cover Art Schedule pdf Highlights
1998 First U. Colorado Boulder, CO
1998 TMS Conv Art.jpg
1998 TMSC Robert Zubrin introduces the Founding Declaration of TMS signed by all attendees.

4 day Convention format established with Plenary talks in the morning, Parallel Sessions in the afternoon, Panel discussions in the evening, Banquet on Saturday eve.

Proceedings published as a three volume book.

1999 Second U. of Colorado Boulder, CO
1999 TMS Conv Art.jpg
1999 TMSC Plans for Mars Arctic Research station announced by Pascal Lee.

Talks by Buzz Aldrin, James Cameron, Kim Stanley Robinson, Chris McKay.

2000 Third Ryerson Polytechnic U. Toronto, ON, Canada
2000 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2000 TMSC Panels on Evidence of water and life on Mars.

Reports on the first season at Flashline Arctic Research Station (FMARS), Devon Island, Canada.

2001 Fourth Stanford U. Stanford, CA
2001 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2001 TMSC Plenary talks by Elon Musk, Mike Griffin, Eileen Collins- Shuttle Commander.

Martian Genesis Panel.

FMARS Crew Panel and Mission Support Panel.

Banquet under stars and Mars light.

2002 Fifth U. of Colorado Boulder, CO
2002 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2002 TMSC Sci Fi writers panel.

Mars Art gallery

Plenary talks by Penelope Boston, Vint Cerf


Panel discussions on first season at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), Hanksville, UT

2003 Sixth Hilton Hotel Eugene, OR
2003 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2003 TMSC Family Day at TMS Conv.

John Grunsfeld - Hubble repair astronaut.

William Hartman and his Traveler’s Guide to Mars. Carol Stocker - Drilling for Life on Mars.

Elon Musk - The Falcon Launch Vehicle

2004 Seventh Parker House Hilton Chicago, IL
2004 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2004 TMSC Steven Squyres - Spirit and Opportunity Rovers.

Bill Clancey - Human-Robot exploration teams.

Bruce Mackenzie - The Mars Home Project.

2nd Rouget de Lisle Mars Song Contest

The Why Mars Essay Contest.

2005 Eighth U. of Colorado Boulder, CO
2005 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2005 TMSC Plenary talks by Stanley Borowski - Nuclear Thermal Rockets, and Scott Horowitz - Hubble repair astronaut.

Reports on the Mars Homestead Project.

Spacesuit Symposium.

The Mars Underground documentary.

Mars in the Movies.

2006 Ninth L’Enfant Plaza Hotel Washington, DC
2006 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2006 TMSC Political Action and The Mars Blitz on Capitol Hill.

Martian Film Festival.

Track talks on MDRS 2006 field season, Colonization and Resource Utilization, Life on Mars and Mars to Life, Outreach and Education.

2007 Tenth UCLA Los Angeles, CA
2007 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2007 TMSC Plenary talks by Peter Diamandis -The X-Prize,

Louis Friedman - The Planetary Soc.,

Chris McKay and Melissa Battler - FMARS Xtreme - 4 month mission,

Track talks on FMARS - 4 month mission, ISRU and industrialization of Mars.

2008 11th U. of Colorado Boulder, CO
2008 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2008 TMSC Plenary talks by Carol Stoker - CoPI Phoenix Lander,

Carol Porco -Cassini Mission Imaging lead,

George Whitesides - NSS,

Elon Musk -CEO/CTO SpaceX,

Michael Carroll - Science Journalist and Artist.

Super Track on Religion and Space

2009 12th U. of Maryland College Park, MD
2009 TMS Conv Art.png
2009 TMSC Mars Blitz of Capitol Hill.

Town Hall and election of new Steering Committee members.

Panel on Reporting Space News and another on The Art of Space.

Mars banquet with Carol Porco - featured speaker.

2010 13th Dayton Mariott Dayton, OH
2010 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2010 TMSC Plenary talks by Geoffrey Landis - Mars Exploration Rovers,

Charles Doarn - Telerobotic Surgery in Extreme Environments,

Kevin Sloan - The University Rover Challenge.

Mars Camp - promoting STEM education

2011 14th Embassy Suites, Grapevine Dallas, TX
2011 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2011 TMSC Plenary talks by Everett Gibson - Allan Hills Meteorite,

Rev. James Heiser -Spiritual and Theological Issues,

Nataniel Owen-Going, Melanie Correll, and Jean Hunter - on various aspects of Martian Agriculture.

Panel on Initial Challenges for a Mars Colony.

2012 15th Pasadena Convention Center Pasadena, CA
2012 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2012 TMSC Plenary talks by John Grotzinger - Gale Crater habitable environments, Paolo Bellutta - Rover driver.

Panels on Space Law, The Commercial Road to Opening Space.

Elon Musk accepts the Mars Pioneer Award.

Watching the live landing coverage of Curiosity.

2013 16th U. of Colorado Boulder, CO
2013 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2013 TMSC Panel on University Rover Challenge.

Track on MDRS astronomy, spacesuit simulation and data acquisition.

Banquet with Steve Squyres as featured speaker - Mars Exploration Rovers.

2014 17th South Shore Harbour Resort League City, TX
2014 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2014 TMSC Plenary talk by Gerald Sanders- ISRU on Mars,,

Track talk  by Anthony Muscatello - Mars propellant production.

Mars Student Design Contest.

Banquet speaker Dennis Tito - Inspiration Mars.

2015 18th Catholic U. of America Washington, DC
2015 TMS Conv Art.jpeg
2015 TMSC Plenary talk by Geronimo Villanueva - Discovery of ancient Ocean on Mars,

Panels on STEM education and on Space & Public Advocacy.

Banquet guest of honor via Skype - Andy Weir

2016 19th Catholic U. of America Washington, DC
2016 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2016 TMSC Plenary talks by Vadim Gushchin -Biomedical Problems (via Skype), Jack Mustard - Mars Geology,

Kevin Sloan - The 2016 University Rover Challenge.

Banquet speaker Pete Worden - The Breakthrough Prize Foundation.

2017 20th UC Irvine Irvine, CA
2017 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2017 TMSC Plenary talks by Dava Newman - Mechanical Counter-pressure Spacesuits,

The Mars 160 crew members,

Greg Benford - Sci Fi author and astrophysicist.

Banquet speaker Anousheh Ansari - A tourist journey to ISS

Rise to Mars anthem.

2018 21st Pasadena Convention Center Pasadena, CA
2018 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2018 TMSC Plenary talks by Rick Tumlinson- Human Rights,  

Jeffrey Plaut -Subsurface Ice at Mars mid-latitudes,

David Poston - Kilopower fission reactors,

Paul Wooster - SpaceX’s plans for Mars.

Terraforming Mars Game demo..

Panel and demo on Mars VR Program.

2019 22nd U. Southern California Los Angeles, CA
2019 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2019 TMSC Plenary talks by Robert Zubrin -“The Case for Space”,

Tom Hoffman - Mars Insight Mission,

Bryan Versteeg - Mars habitat designs.

Mars Rocks! Benefit Concert.

The Mars Colony Contest finalists presentations.

2020 23rd The Global Internet Hundreds of  world sites
2020 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2020 TMSC Virtual congress with over 10 000 registrations.

Elon Musk interview by Robert Zubrin.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Mars City-State Contest finalists presentation.

2021 24th The Global Internet Hundreds of  world sites
2021 TMS Conv Art.jpg
2021 TMSC Virtual congress with over 5 000 registrations.

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy.

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Operations Manager.

4 full days. Record amount of content.