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Bold and italic markup is done with apostrophes. Two for italic and three for bold:

''This is italic.''
'''This is bold.'''
'''''This is bold and italic.'''''


Suppose you need a link to another article (which may or may not exist already) within Lunarpedia. You surround the link in double brackets, like this:

[[List of Lists]]
List of Lists.

You can also make the displayed name and the place in goes to differently with a pipe separating the two:

[[List of Lists|List of needed lists of needed articles]]
List of needed lists of needed articles.

For off-wiki links, you can just type in the URL with the http component like this:

You can also use a different displayed name than the link by using single brackets with a space between the URL/URI and the displayed name.

[ The Moon Society]
The Moon Society


For various reasons, it may be appropriate to tag an article as needing cleanup, or that it's a stub, or some other purpose. A list of tags can be found here. Tags and other templates are surrounded by double braces. For example, Template:Stub is used as {{Stub}}.