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All settlements generate waste biomass as a direct result of their biological population. Waste biomass recycling is a vital part of any colonization strategy.


A settlement's initial supply of bone will be low, as the majority of farming will be plant-based.

Bone Ash

Bone ash is the result of burning bone. It is used in the manufacture of fertilizer and ceramics.

Bone Char

Bone char is created by charring bone. It is useful in filters, where it acts similarly to charcoal. It captures metals such as fluorine, copper, and zinc. Bone char is also used as a pigment.

Bone Meal

Crushed bone is used as a fertilizer.

Collagen and Gelatin

The bones and connective tissue of animals contain collagen, which can be extracted. The collagen can by hydrolyzed into gelatin, used in many foods and other products.


Most terrestrial animals flush waste from their bodies with water, producing urine.

Industrial Chemicals

Urine contains ammonia and urea, both useful in industry. Saltpeter is harvested from stale urine.


Urine contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus.


Urine can be filtered or distilled to provide water. This method of water reclamation is used on the ISS.


In extreme emergencies, urine can be used as an antiseptic.

Plant Remnants

Plants grown primarily for food and life support can provide several side benefits.


The cell walls of plants contain cellulose, the main component of paper.


From grass mats to fine linen, humans have been using plant fibers to make textiles.

Other Goods

Corn husks, wheat stalks, and vines can be made into a variety of goods.

Construction Materials

Biomass has been used in construction since the beginning of human history. Wood is often used by itself to construct large structures. Dead plants can be mixed with cob or brick, adding strength.

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