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The program Independent Planetary Settlements (IPS) is an initiative to develop concepts of self sufficient settlements on a variety of cosmic bodies, including Earth.

Independent settlements: problems of complex designing and ability to live maintenance


f.e for underground basing IPS

Danger of collision with the Earth represents a significant amount (estimated tens of thousands) asteroid-comet bodies which have an insignificant probability of detection. It is necessary to recognize that known and rather actively propagandized measures «evasion from asteroids» (by interception and destruction of asteroids and the comets bearing obvious threat, changes of their trajectory by various measures, etc.) have soothingly-waiting character more likely. Similar self-confidence and blind belief owing to the weapon as unique means of the decision of acute problems not only is dangerous to mankind, but also is prodigal, as leads to a new coil of race of arms and corresponding redistribution of financial streams. Such statement does not leave a place for constructive actions on preventive working out of the measures directed on a case when collision of an asteroid with the Earth inevitably and it will cause catastrophic consequences for all without an exception of inhabitants of the Earth. If it will be possible to "evade" from individual dangerous space objects and to avoid local accidents, the Earth should be ready and have to global accident for this scenario adequate decisions.

Asteroid-comet danger is a threat not only for the Earth, but also for other objects of Solar System. It is unimportant, therefore there can be an accident, the main thing that it basically is possible. Means, there is necessary for our civilization “a black box”. It should fix the true reasons of possible tragedy, preserve record the necessary time and transfer to its future generations. Experience, especially so negative and global, - is invaluable. It is possible to tell confidently already now: this problem is not decided. If it "not burning", - it is fine, means, we have time easy, carefully to be prepared for its decision. If time just barely enough, - well, it is necessary to have time to make that else it is possible to be in time [1].

The given purpose is served also by the decision offered by authors on preventive expansion of complex design works on creation and pre-production operation of scale of typical independent settlements of underground basing.

The considered problem situation acts universal, not having political, corporate, geographical and any others paradigm borders. Before in world practice there were no similar situations when people of the different countries and continents would find real base for constructive consolidation in the face of valid civilization problems.

Detailed requirements

Hereinafter independent planetary settlements (IPS) include variants with basing on the big depths of the Earth, no less than with placing on Mars, the Moon and other planets of Solar system. The carried out analysis gives the grounds to believe that for independent settlement of underground basing by a threat source it is necessary to accept an asteroid in the average size in 500 (five hundred) meter («is conditional-base threat»), that defines demanded depth of placing of the given settlement as not less than 12-15 km in thickness of a planet.

It is necessary to recognize that working out of a complex of decisions for similar extreme underground conditions not only is comparable, but also exceeds on complexity those problems which are interfaced to known programs of creation of planetary bases on Mars or the Moon. Similar ambition directed by the program serves as the locomotive for creation of new generation of earth and space technologies and the materials splash in scientific and technical development of the end of the last century, noted by flights on the Moon, creation of large orbital complexes, etc. was which analogue (so-called "loop effect").

At creation of independent settlements crucial to prevent risk of domination of technocratic priorities over humanitarian, over spiritually-ethical priorities that is characteristic for modern space programs. Thus it is necessary to understand that for mankind as a whole qualitatively new aspect of development of underground depths will consist that for the first time the mankind will be a source of origin of a sociality «from zero». In particular, a careful studying socially-cultural (instead of so much socially-psychological) aspect of formation of independent settlements is required. Feature of such settlements is covered in paradoxicality of those senses which will be expanse and embodied by people on environment, earlier untouched by terrestrial culture.

Crucial for destinies of the subsequent generations there is also an overcoming of inertia of direct extrapolation of terrestrial norms and stereotypes in others for the person of an inhabitancy, a support on priorities of maintenance of humanitarian responsibility without a damage of technological efficiency of extraterrestrial missions. Search of answers to these crucial questions will be interfaced to necessity of the permission of weight not trivial civilization problems.

Priority principles

Now initiative works on formation of the corresponding complex technical project are conducted. Priority principles of creation of independent settlements include:

  1. Scenary modelling of strategy of IPS’ ability to live on methodology of futuredesign of socio-cultural dynamics and on the basis of the base concept: «INDEPENDENT SETTLEMENT AS (SOMEONE'S) NEW NATIVE LAND» [2].
  2. Working out and approbation of systems of information-methodical support of designing is look-ahead-proved socio-cultural strategy of IPS’ ability to live.
  3. Creation of concepts and projects of IPS’ architecturally-engineering infrastructure for corresponding scenarios of socio-cultural dynamics.
  4. Expansion of complex geophysical look-ahead researches on regional and basic profiles for construction physical-geological and, first of all, physical-geometrical models of a deep structure of earth crust on which basis the forecast of the geophysical environment and all IPS possible resources of underground basing will be carried out.
  5. Research of reserves of IPS’ adaptive ability to live.
  6. Working out and pilot realizations of the IPS’ engineering infrastructure including power- and water delivery, climatic and food balance, etc.
  7. Working out of the general technical project on the hypothetical underground basing IPS’ avant-guard-project.

Aspects and sections of IPS’ complexity

Aspects and sections of IPS’ complex working out include following mainframes:

  1. Terraforming. Formation problems of "an inhabited lens of dwelling», climate formation, agrotechnologies of vegetative soil formation, typical soil structure, complex investigation of useful resources, including industrial raw materials, the vital resources etc.
  2. Social-culture-sphere. This one of priority directions of the researches, including working out of methodology of social design forecasting of IPS’ vital strategy, research of the factor of time as resource of IPS’ ability to live, construction of IPS model as managing self-organizing subject, algorithms of modelling of IPS’ strategy. Software-hardware for IPS design forecasting, methodical and teaching-didactic maintenance of IPS’ design forecasting here get out.
  3. Urbanism and cognitive architecture. Here the problem with the requirement of initial three-dimensional model of a geounderlying cause is found out. Its designing should be carried out by architects in common with experts in geophysics, geology-mineralogy, fluid modes in a cloak, to the stress-deformed conditions of the top cloak, etc.
  4. An engineering infrastructure. Includes all complex of problems on power supply, water supply, synthesis of air, ventilation, air-conditioning and thermostatic, recycling of a waste, to channels of communications, etc.
  5. Food circulation (homeostasis). The problem of maintenance of an optimum food allowance of IPS’ inhabitants dares.
  6. Complex safety. Including, information-psychological safety, power safety, technical safety, physical, etc. aspects of safety.
  7. Expansion reserves. It is the key not trivial aspect of designing which does not have methodological analogues in the history of mankind.

Social resources

The problematics of independent settlements is entered in more shared problem of the resource approach to society existence, i.e. society existence at deficiency of resources. And this resource sight concerns the various parties of human existence from economic activities before education and a fashion. Thus as a resource are considered not only it is material-power resources, but also a political resource (power), the symbolical capital (influence), a physical resource (health, vital potential), an intellectual resource (knowledge, ideas), an emotional resource (feelings, experiences), a cultural-semiotics resource (senses and values) etc.

Uniqueness and specificity of the above-stated problems put in number paramount a problem of creation of the international distributed technological environment of underground basing IPS’ designing. In this plan it is necessary to recognize that the dominating traditions which have settled in the world of designing are based on a paradigm of the private corporate intellectual right with all following costs of a competition and patenting, concealment of perspective workings out, etc. defects of a monetary society.

Involved people

N.A.Mitin1, B.R.Mushailov2, N.F.Sayfullin1, R.T.Sirazetdinov3

1 Institute of Applied Mathematics of M.V.Keldysh of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2 State Astronomical Institute of P.K.Shternberga of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova, Moscow

3 Kazan State Technical University of A.N.Tupoleva, Kazan

List of references

1) Altshuller G. S, Vertkin I.M. As to become the heretic. Vital strategy of the creative person. Petrozavodsk, "Kareliya", 1991, P. 166-168

2) InJam-Lens Project by April 2, 2019 InoCont (C)