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The existing knowledge about Mars is a valuable basis for planning the first settlement, but during the development of the Marspedia project some open issues arise, that require further explorations. This page collects descriptions of those explorations required to find the needed knowledge.


The actual geometry of the Martian caves is unknown. Only the size of the entrance can be seen on photographs. If the caves are involved in settlement planning we need to know whether they are really usable or not. The exploration can be done by remote controlled machines, e.g. specialized rovers with agents crawling into the caves.

Needed details

  • size and shape of subsurface parts
  • geological stability
  • temperature inside
  • deposits of water and minerals


We need more information about the atmospheric movements on Mars. The viability of wind turbines strongly depend on it. Several wind sensors could be brought to the Martian surface, each in a different region. With the additional knowledge we can optimize the construction of wind turbines.

Needed details

  • strength and duration of wind
  • global wind pattern
  • peak wind speed
  • average wind speed in a Martian year for several regions

Geothermal energy

Signs of liquid water nourish the hope of finding warm spots near below the surface in some regions. A specialized rover can be sent to Mars to drill deep wholes into the ground. The temperature can be measured.

Needed details

  • location of warm spots
  • temperature in a depth of 10m, 50m and 100m in several areas.

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