Self-healing puncture protection

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Self-healing puncture protection is a technology to automatically close small punctures hit by meteorites. Since it is only a makeshift closure a final repair is necessary later.


Windows of living rooms and greenhouses are vulnerable for meteorite impacts. Laminated safety glass avoids a complete shattering of the window. Special chemicals can be additionally placed between two sheets, starting a foam reaction on drop of pressure.

Another idea of temporary sealing is placing ultra-light balls of foamed polystyrene or similar material near the windows. In case of a meteorite impact the balls are moved by the sudden air stream toward the hole and get stuck in the hole.

Space suits

Several layers of rubber and tissues are processed to make a space suit puncture proof.

Fire brigades

A secondary function of fire brigades in a martian settlement might be to intervene rapidly in case of structural damage or blowout, to rapidly close the opening. Glass breakage alarms, or similar noise detection systems might be used for a early warning system.

Open issues

  • What is known about the puncture protection of existing space suits? What is the meteorite size limit they can protect against?
  • What sort of foam reaction is viable for windows?