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Ethanol, C2H5OH, is the most common alcohol. It is a mild depressant when ingested, and is a common ingredient in many beverages. Besides its recreational use, ethanol is important to many industries and food preservation.



Ethanol is easily produced from sugars by yeast through fermentation.

Artificial Production

Ethylene is hydrated to produce ethanol.



Ingestion of ethanol in food or drink causes intoxication. It is a mild depressant, and impares judgement and reduces inhibitions. Managed use of ethanol may be used to raise morale. Ethanol ingestion will likely be restricted heavily in a settlement due to the risk to oneself and others.

Food Preservation

Ethanol is used to preserve fruits and other foods.

Industrial Use

Ethanol is useful as a fuel. In contrast to most other chemical energy sources, ethanol is relatively non-toxic and unreactive.

Ethanol is an effective solvent for many chemicals.