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Production and maintenance facility

Maintenance is an essential task in an artificial environment like a Mars settlement. Maintenance facilities can range from workrooms to garages, storage areas for parts and supplies. Maintenance management also requires support systems, computers and office space. Maintenance planning must be integrated into the settlement activities and finances and prioritized in parallel with new construction. Recycling must be integrated into the maintenance systems. Maintenance might be joined to production, but the objectives of the two operations are often different.


Air cleaning and filtering, water treatment, waste water treatment. area cleaning, waste management. Life support systems in general.


Structures, assemblies, new structures, modifications, additions and remodeling.


Equipment, vehicles, plumbing and piping, air circulation, cooling and heating. Fire protection and suppression


Electrical power systems. Electrical equipment. Solar power. Nuclear power.


Communication and control systems. Communication networks. Computer networks, data management and storage. Fire detection. Safety detection and cameras.