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I’ve had a fascination with Mars for a long time. My interest developed around the time in the mid-fifties when Disney aired several programs about space, in cooperation with Werner van Braun and other space scientists. Later in life I became a teacher and taught many different science courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Astronomy.

Many of the pictures that I use in my contributions to Marspedia are ones I obtained through NASA programs in which amateurs pick out targets for satellites orbiting Mars. Some of these images I used for talks I gave at Mars Society Conventions in 2008 and 2013. Other astronomy activities I’ve done involved using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) as an amateur. The results of my study of Io were published in Icarus. A second study I carried out with HST was a spectroscopic study of water in asteroids. One of the greatest two week periods was when I served as the executive officer/biologist/geologist/astronomer for Crew 64 for the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah that is run by the Mars Society. Besides loving astronomy, I enjoy working out with swimming, weights, and hiking. When I was younger I ran marathons and once walked across the Grand Canyon in one day.

I’ve added material to the following articles: -Arsia Mons -Pavonis Mons -Ascraeus Mons -Olympus Mons -Elysium Mons -Valles Marineris -Hellas Planitia -Albor Tholus -Gusev Crater -Alba Patera (Mons) -Hecates Tholus -Candor Chasma -Ares Vallis -Xanthe Terra -Tharsis -Sublimation -Dust devils -Dust storms -Water -Semi-major axis -Mars Global Surveyor -Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter -Mars Pathfinder -Viking 1 -Mars Odyssey -Phoenix Mars Mission -MAVEN -Spirit -Opportunity

-Curiosity -Mars volcanoes -Elysium quadrangle -Syrtis Major quadrangle -Argyre quadrangle -Tharsis quadrangle -Coprates quadrangle -Amenthes quadrangle -Hellas quadrangle -Iapygia quadrangle -Ismenius Lacus quadrangle -Noachis quadrangle -Arabia quadrangle -Phoenicis Lacus quadrangle -Amazonis quadrangle -Phaethontis quadrangle -Mare Australe quadrangle -Thaumasia quadrangle -Mare Acidalium quadrangle -Arcadia quadrangle -Casius quadrangle -Sinus Sabaeus quadrangle -Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle -Eridania quadrangle -Memnonia quadrangle -Mare Boreum quadrangle -The Face on Mars -Lyot Crater -Martian Meteorites -Igneous rock -Water

I wrote the following from scratch: Noctis Labyrinthus, Martian features that are signs of water ice, Ma'adim Vallis, Margaritifer Terra, How living on Mars will be different than living on Earth, What Mars Actually Looks Like!, How are features on Mars Named?, Geography of Mars, Sisyphi Montes, Sublimation landscapes on Mars, Martian gullies, Periodic climate changes on Mars, Dark slope streaks, Oceans on Mars, Glaciers on Mars, High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE), Layers on Mars, Rivers on Mars, Jezero Crater, Mariner 9, Mariner 6, Mariner 7, Mariner 4, Viking 2, InSight Mission, Cebrenia quadrangle, Oxia Palus quadrangle, Diacria quadrangle, Lunae Palus quadrangle, Aeolis quadrangle, Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle, HiWish program, Geological processes that have shaped Mars: Why Mars looks like it does, Schiaparelli Crater, Milankovic Crater, Holden Crater, Mariner Crater, Tianwen-1, Hope Probe, Ingenuity, Zhurong, Cerberus Fossae, Sapping, Lakes on Mars, Columbus Crater, Eberswalde Crater, Ritchey Crater, Transverse Aeolian ridges (TARs), Burroughs Crater